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Nelson Int. Rippers (6-12) - Summer Camp




4 Days

Course Details

Our 4-day camp is designed for intermediate bikers aged 6 -12 who are keen to tackle more challenging trails. With the backing of Kootenay Mountain Biking's 15 years of coaching expertise, our experienced PMBIA-certified coaches will guide them through a comprehensive curriculum that goes way beyond the basics

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Optimal Gear Usage: We'll teach them how to shift gears effectively to maintain a consistent speed on various terrains.

  • Precision Braking: They'll learn how to control their speed and navigate tricky sections with confidence.

  • Body Positioning: Proper form is key, and we'll dial it in for smoother, safer rides.

  • Strategic Line Selection: We'll hit the local blue trails and teach them how to pick the best lines for safety and speed.

The camp experience is a blend of on-trail coaching, skill-specific drills, and interactive games designed to make learning fun. By the end of the camp, your young rider will not only be more confident on bumpy, rooty sections but will also be ready to venture onto more challenging terrains.

If your child is already comfortable on green trails and has dabbled in blue single tracks, this 4-day camp is the perfect next step in their mountain biking journey. We're not just teaching them to ride; we're preparing them for a lifelong passion for mountain biking. So, if you're looking for a program that will truly elevate your child's skills and confidence, this is it. Sign up now and let your young rider get the most out of this summer!

Need a bike? Ask about our youth bike rental program.

If you’re not sure on your child’s ability level, check out our levels HERE.

Monday July 8 - Thursday July 11


Monday Aug 19 - Thursday Aug 22

Level 2-3, Ages 6-12yrs

9am - 3pm

$449 + gst (includes KMB Jersey)

About KMB:

With over 15 years of experience, Kootenay Mountain Biking has honed a camp structure that's truly exceptional. Our seasoned team has fine-tuned every aspect to provide a balanced and enriching experience for young riders. We've combined a variety of self propelled riding and shuttle assistance, all seamlessly integrated with skill development sessions.

This carefully crafted formula ensures that bikers not only stay safe but get to ride a variety of trails while learning and having a blast. Our years of experience have allowed us to strike the perfect balance between pushing limits and maintaining a safe environment. The result? Young riders have more fun than they could ever imagine on two wheels while making strides in their mountain biking journey. Join us, and let your child experience the benefits of our time-tested approach to mountain biking excellence!

Your Instructor

Pat McCormick

Pat McCormick

Pat discovered his love for Mountain Biking in the early 90's in eastern Canada, despite the then-primitive bikes and trails. After graduating with a BSc Kinesiology in Sport Science, Pat worked his career in Occupational Health & Safety before pursuing his passion for promoting health and wellbeing through mountain biking. Pat's related and enjoyable attitude towards life is well-known, and he's enthusiastic about providing an ever-improving experience for every KMB participant.

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