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Kootenay Gravity Bike Team

Bringing competitive mountain biking back to youth in the Kootenays! SEE MORE DETAILS BELOW...

8 WEEK Program
6 x Tuesdays 4:45pm - 6:45pm
1 x Saturday 9am - 3pm
Starts May 21st

Increase your Bike Skills, Goals, Strategy, Mindset so you can increase speed with confidence

6 x 2 hour Bike Race Handling Skills; Drills and trail riding
1 x 6 hour Race Training weekend; Line walk, pre-ride, race it.
Optional add on: Coach and maintenance support on Race Days (Dunbar Race Series)

$700 +gst
Based on minimum 4 riders. Can be paid in 2 x $350 monthly payments.

The Mission for the Kootenay Gravity Team (KGT)

Mountain Biking. The towns that surround us here in the Kootenays from Rossland to Castlegar and beyond live and breathe this sport as a way to challenge themselves, get outside, connect with people and have fun. To continue inspiring our youth in the value of this still growing sport, we believe this is the perfect time to launch a performance focused race team to show the rest of BC the incredible youth talent that exist here in the Kootenays.

Building on the success of the Seven Summits Gravity Team run by Kootenay Mountain Biking and Cycleye MTB Performance, this team hopes to bring back a supported team to help youth aged 12-18 compete at a provincial level in Downhill and Enduro Mountain Biking. This will involve a structured 8 week program developed by our Head Coach and dedicated shredder, Pete Burkitt.

Our Core Values


Shared values combine to create comradery, progression and an incredible environment to not only improve their skills on the bike but to experience the process in a safe and supportive environment. We aim to bring some of our fastest shredders together so they can learn from each other.


This would be our highest level program for our youth in our communities. Growing the level of progression that we offer will help the riders already at a high level progress even further, and inspire those who are just starting out to where they could end up.

Progression and Performance.

Using experienced, highly certified coaches to run a detailed yet flexible 8 week program to give safe progression for all participants and improve their performance. Helping participants trust the process and enjoy it to help give them the best possible chance in the races around BC.

Community engagement and awareness.

Making new friends in our community and finding new opportunities to develop these connections within mountain biking and beyond, we aim to provide a space where our racers can be stewards of the sport. Setting a great example within our community for other youth and those who want to get into mountain biking, or improve their riding. The opportunity to make new connections at races with like minded people also has so much value and importantly, these race weekends are great fun!

The Vision

We will run an 8 week program designed and run by our Level 4 PMBIA certified Head Coach, Pete Burkitt. Pete has been coaching mountain biking for over a decade and has taken part in races all over the globe. He is passionate about this sport and beyond excited to welcome our local shredders to the team. There will be one in person three hour session per week with other tasks and information submitted through google classroom by the head coach to help all participants with their progression.

The 8 week program will provide the platform to give all participants the best tools both mentally and physically and if they so desire to race successfully in the Dunbar Summer Race Series. This is a downhill mountain bike series run through the summer over four races.

By seeking support for expenses associated with this program we aim to provide this program as part of a non-profit with subsidised costs to make it as accessible as possible for youth looking to take the next steps in their mountain biking.

We are actively looking for ways that we can have partnerships with local businesses and brands that align with this vision. Please reach out for more information on how your business or brand could help this team and how we could help you with brand placement and awareness through the community.


Who is this for?
Youth aged 12-18 in Rossland and surrounding communities who are already experienced mountain bikers. They should be able to ride our local black trails with confidence and speed, and be able to ride double black trails consistently.

When will the training sessions be?
Generally after school. We are working with local schools to avoid timetable clashes with other team sports and also other training to make sure the team has enough energy to get the most out of these sessions. Based on this the day of the week may move from time to time to accommodate this.

Can I register and not compete in any races?
Yes. The races will be an add on for those that would like to compete during July & August.

Do I have to sign up for all the sessions?
The program is designed that all sessions are attended to give real progression in the program and make these improvements measurable. There may be an opportunity to sign up for a one off session depending on numbers.

I am unsure if my level of riding is ready to take this on, what else is available?
This is our top level coaching program aimed at experienced riders who can ride double black trails consistently and single black trails with confidence. This means being able to stay on your bike and not walk trickier sections for example. If you have further questions about the riding standard please reach email Kootenay Mountain Bike for more info.

If I am interested in racing during the summer, what would this look like?
You could attend any or all of the Dunbar Series Race Events, there are 4 that happen over the summer.
Each race runs over three days. Generally a day of open practice, followed by another morning of practice/seeding runs and then race day. For more information on layout check out the 2024 Dunbar Summer Series Facebook page. As for support, we will have a coach present for the race weekends to help participants prepare for the race. We are working on funding with local businesses to help support these events to make them more affordable for all involved.

What does the program cost?
The 8 week coaching program will be $700 per participant which includes 24hrs of coaching. This is based on the minimum requirement of 4 riders.

Does my registration fee include race entries and licence fees?
Currently it does not, however we are working on funding from local sponsors to subsidise the cost of the race weekends, including entry fees.

6 x 2 hour Bike Race Handling Skills; Drills and trail riding
1 x 6 hour Race Training weekend; Line walk, pre-ride, race it.
Optional add on: Coach and maintenance support on Race Days (Dunbar Race Series)

$700 +gst
Based on minimum 4 riders. Can be paid in 2 x $350 monthly payments.

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