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"Thanks for a great bike coaching session to build skills and confidence for the mountain biking season. The mix of props/stunts and trail was the perfect way to put it all into practice. Highly recommended!"

~Michelle Laurie

"I booked a private half day lesson for myself and a friend with Natasha and it was an incredible experience. Highly reccomend to anyone at any level. I learned a lot of valuable things about proper bike set up, that I would have never known about if I hadn't taken a lesson, as well as really good fundamental skills. It was also a total blast! I really can't say enough about how awesome of an experience this was!"  

~Allison Stark

"Super efficient shuttle for the seven summits. Got all kinds of interesting info about the areas trails, stores, and history along the trip. Way better than driving back and forth or having to ride up the highway after the seven summits trail. Would definitely do it again"  

~Troy Kilmury

"Awesome guide, great stories and super fun trails. We will be back!"  

~Todd Ramsay

"They were great and the Seven Summits trail is one of the best I’ve ridden." 

~James Keirstead


Coaches Ian and Tash holding it down for the West Kootenays.
Coach Tash dropping like a boss on Whiskey.
Seven Summits Gravity Team Training
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