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Catalyst Pedals

The Catalyst Pedal from Pedaling Innovations is the world’s best performing, most comfortable flat pedal – period.


It is the first pedal that looks first at how the foot and lower leg optimally move and then applies that insight to the bike.


The result is a patent-pending design that supports your foot the way that nature intended, increasing power, efficiency, stability, and comfort.


Every pedal on the market has one major design flaw – they were all designed with the assumption that you need to push through the ball of your foot. But this outdated view of the pedal stroke is wrong. You only push through the ball of the foot when your foot needs to break contact with the ground, like when you run or jump.


But your foot acts much differently if it doesn’t come off the ground, like when deadlifting in the gym or picking up a heavy box. In this case, your foot needs to stay balanced between the heel and ball of the foot so you can apply force with a strong, stable foot.


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