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Mountain biking tours


What footwear is best to wear for biking?

Preferably a flat soled supportive shoe is the best option.


Where will we go for our tours?

It depends on what tour you have booked.  Our mountain bike guides will take you on the fun local trails in the area. Depending on your level will dictate what trails we can take you on.  Rossland is fortunate to have a very large trail network on offer with everything from nice mellow trails to extreme downhill trails with lots of features.  


What is the minimum and maximum size of the tour groups?

The minimum and maximum number of people varies for each tour offered. Please call one of our reservation agents to inquire about a specific tour.


What experience/fitness level do I need to have?

Not sure if you're fitness level is up for the challenge? While mountain biking does require a certain level fitness from riders, we have a full range of lessons that cater towards riders of all fitness abilities.


Where do the tours/rides leave from?

Most of our tours/rides depart from the parking lot behind Revolution Cycles next to the Rossland Brewery.  Unless prior arrangement is made when you book.  Our Seven Summits tours depart from the museum parking lot at 8am daily.


Are the tours condition/weather dependant?

Our tours will run in nearly all weather but may be canceled due to very extreme conditions. In certain cases, it may be necessary to reschedule a tour due to poor/unsafe conditions or heavy rainfall. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing so that you’re as dry, warm, and comfortable as possible.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made within 48hrs will incur a $10 admin fee.  Cancellations within 24 hrs will not receive a refund.


Do I have to wear a helmet and protection for biking?

Yes, BC law requires that people on bicycles wear helmets.  It is also recommended that you have padding (knee, shin and or elbow pads) to protect yourself.  It is not required to have padding but we highly recommend it.  KMBC has a limited supply available for rent.


Do I need to have special riding gear?

No. While it is a good idea to be aware of the weather, come dressed in clothes that give you a free range of movement, can get muddy and can keep you warm in the wet, or cool in the sun, you do not need anything out of the ordinary.



I want something specific, can you accommodate?

Yes, we can.  Our experienced coaches can accommodate your needs when requested, based on your current riding ability.  Not sure of what your level is?  See level descriptions listed below.


Rider Levels

Wondering what we mean by Intermediate?  Here are some descriptions of the rider levels, so you can match your experience to them, and figure out where you fit in.


Level One - New Rider/ Beginner

Level one riders have very little or no single track experience.  Trails will be our easiest available beginner singletrack, they are wide trails with few obstacles.  Level one riders will find these trails challenging but are able to ride most of the trail without getting off the bike.  In Rossland, this includes trails like Louie Joes, Moes & Larry's.

Level Two - Beginner

Occasional single track experience but still has a lot to learn.  Trails will be our green/blue variety with more small bumps, rocks, roots, and switchbacks than level 1.  Level 2 riders will find these trails challenging and will still be learning how to navigate the obstacles on the trail.  In Rossland, the trails include Cemetery, Green Door, Drakes.

Level Three - Intermediate

Ride Single track often and want to improve speed and confidence through small roots and rocks and corners up and down.  Trails have lots of challenging fun Blue switchbacks descending, some steeper descending practice and some blue rocky sections for challenges.  Level 3 riders are riding these trails with confidence, they are looking to improve their line selection, ride with more flow and conquer the rock and man-made features on the trail.  In Rossland, the trails include Milky Way, Dewdney, Tamarac, to Doukabour Draw.


Level Four - Intermediate/Advanced

Ride single track regularly with confidence on most trail features.  Have the ability to adapt quickly to changing terrain and are confident on new trails.   Looking to improve speed and flow on the trail through varied steep up/down terrain with good technique and reading of trail.  Level four riders want to improve all areas of their biking, build their speed and be confident riding all single blacks at speed and moving into being capable of any trail.  In Rossland, trails include Pay Dirt, Larch/BS, SMD/SMA, Crown Point


Level Five - Advanced

Confident in varied rooty and rocky terrain with steep up or down terrain. A desire to improve skills and confidence on black diamond terrain.  Trails have rocky, rooty, steep pitches, rock faces, man-made stunts and log rides if desired. Must have padding, flat pedals, full face helmet recommended, and at least 6-inch front fork recommended.  


Where can I rent bikes?

You can rent bikes from Revolution Cycles in Rossland and a Gerricks Cycle in Trail.  Helmets are available with bike rental. Protection is not available for rental, however KMBC do have a limited supply for rent.

What size of bike will fit me?

To determine what size of bike will fit you well, all you need to know is your height.  These are a rough guideline to work with, the very experienced staff at our local stores will be able to assist you when renting or purchasing a bike.

5’ - 5’4” = XS

5’4” - 5’8” = S

5’8” - 5’10” = M

5’10” - 6’1” = L

6’1” - 6’4” = XL


Can I get a hotel pick up?

Yes you can!. Make sure to plan ahead and let is know at least a 2 days in advance so that we can arrange it.


I don’t see a program for me, what are my options?

The best value of improvement for the money is in a private lesson. No other program suit your needs? A private is for you.  Please call one of our reservation agents to book.