Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions associated with signing up for any Kootenay Mountain Bike Coaching Course, as well as the definition of each Mountain biking Level.  If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to answer them.


There is also a medical consent form, which is available to be downloaded on this page.



Thank you for signing up for a KMB mountain bike skills course.  Each participant will be required to fill in and sign a Registration Form and Medical Consent Form - these will either be sent out prior to the course or available at the start of the course.  


Please ensure that you have read and understood the waiver (available on our website and at time of online registration).  You will need to fill in and sign the waiver in front of the instructor prior to the course commencing, reading the waiver in advance will ensure there are no issues at the start of the course.  Any questions or concerns please contact us prior to the course starting.



Youth Courses - All youth must have a U19 medical consent form signed at the start of the course or they will not be able to attend.


Attendees are responsible for ensuring their equipment is in good working condition and appropriate for the course level.  KMB do not take responsibility for participants unable to participate due to any equipment that is not in good working order or not appropriate for the course level.  This includes safety equipment such as helmets and body armour.  IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE CONTACT US PRIOR TO REGISTERING.


Please read through the level descriptors on the website or in the registration package.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in a course that is appropriate for your level.  



At Kootenay Mountain Biking, we strive to create an incredible experience for everyone. We do our very best to accommodate the needs of all our participants. Unfortunately, last minute changes impact program logistics, which can ultimately impact the enjoyment of other participants. Our policies reflect the challenges that such changes create:


  • All online bookings must be made 48 hours in advance, unless otherwise indicated on the booking site.

  • If you are trying to book a program within 48 hours of the start time, please contact Kootenay Gateway directly at (250)362-0080 or drop by 2118 Columbia Ave.


Single day programs:​​

  • ALL cancellations are subject to a $10 cancellation fee.

  • Up to 72 hours in advance receive a full refund (cancellation fee applies).

  • Less than 72 hours in advance receive 50% refund (cancellation fee applies)

  • Less than 48 hours in advance are not eligible for refund.

Multi-day programs:

  • ALL cancellations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee

  • Up to 2 weeks in advance receive a full refund (cancellation fee applies)

  • Less than 2 weeks in advance receive 50% refund (cancellation fee applies)

  • Less than 48 hours in advance are not eligible for refund.


"No shows" are not eligible for refund. Please arrive 15 minutes early, so you don't get left behind.


Please understand that our cancellation policy also applies to injuries and emergencies, which are not uncommon, given the risk potential for mishap in our beloved recreation.


Please note that transfers can be as challenging as a cancellation. We will do our best; however, our cancellation policy may still apply.



Shuttles require minimum 2 people (Note an additional $25 fee will be added if you are the only person booked on a shuttle).


Require minimum of 4 people (please contact us for pricing for groups less than 4 or more than 6).


Thank you for choosing KMBC!If you have any questions or concerns prior to the course please contact Natasha Lockey at 250 231 4305 or betty@bettygohard.com.  




Group 1 “Beginner”

Very little single track experience .  Trails will be our easiest available beginner singletrack


Group 2-“Beginner/Intermediate”

Occasional single track experience but still has a lot to learn.  Trails will be our green/blue variety with more small bumps, rocks, roots and switchbacks than grp1


Group 3- “Intermediate”

-Ride Single track often and want to improve speed and confidence through small roots and rocks and corners up and down.

Trails have lots of challenging fun Blue switchbacks descending, some steeper descending practice and some blue rocky sections for challenges.


Group 4 - “Intermediate/Advanced”

  • Have ridden Single track regularly and confident on small roots and rocks

  • Desire to improve ability to flow through varied steep up/down terrain.  Move from Blue to single Black Diamond trail experiences over w/e.


Group 5- “Advanced”

  • Confident in varied rooty and rocky terrain with steep up/down terrain.

  • Desire to improve skills and confidence with black diamond terrain.  Trails have rocky, rooty, steep pitches, rock faces, man made stunts and log rides if desired.

  • Must have padding, flat pedals, full face helmet recommended , and at least 6 inch front fork recommended

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