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Todos Santos Bike & Brew




1.5 days


About the Course

This camp is a fun way to get your foundation skills dialled in. I call it the essential bike skills quickie. Designed to be a stand alone event make if a full weekend by adding a trail ride experience or surf lesson on Sunday to take full advantage of all Todos Santos has to offer!

Friday afternoon is a full clinic where we find our wheels. We'll get straight into dialling in your balance, speed control, and terrain management skills aka cornering and avoiding cactus! A mix of safe terrain drills to really work on your weak spots as well as building on your strong skills. 

This is the time your coach gets to know you and your goals to tailor our full day session so you will hit those goals and have an action plan to keep building past the end of the camp.

We will find a margarita at the end of the trail to celebrate and plan for Saturday.

Saturday we will hit the trails early and explore the desert, enjoy the views and put those skills to the test. Todos boosts a beautiful trail network with challenging climbs, uphill and downhill switchbacks with the added challenge of sharp catcus right where you don't want them. Varied conditions from hardpacked to loose sand and some fun flowy sections. The variety will give you a chance to challenge your skills, celebrate your strengths and refine your weaknesses with your coach by your side.  

The key to our teaching style is understanding your style, where you can improve and giving you the tools to coach yourself everytime you get out for a ride. We believe that bike confidence is built one celebration at a time as you learn to trust your skills and work with your fear to make it your friend and cheerleader not your worst enemy.

Integration in biking is key and that is where our BettyGoHard coaches excel. Because it is one thing to do it once, what we give you is the answers to the questions so as you get better, your confidence follows and you continue to up level without the after camp dip. 

Level: Intermediate and Advanced riders will have fun with this clinic. This is the place for you if you have some experience on your bike, have the stamina to ride uphills (doesn't have to be fast, we will work on that. And a little walking is ok too). You have found some flow but not all the time and you might find a little more anxiety than fun in the downhills and switchbacks. It is also great for strong riders that want more flow, want to ride all corners and features with ease and know that they are missing that something to make everyride a fun and joyful challenge versus finding frustration when they don't make that feature they know they are capable of.

Date: February 23rd & March 9th, 2024

Friday 3pm - 5:30pm with 30mins or so apres. (apres not included in price)

Saturday 7:30am 12:30pm with an hour apres. (apres not included in price)

Sunday Options:

Option 1: Trail ride 7:30a -10:30a, we will do the full Sierra Madre Loop (20km) with some coaching but mostly just a fun guided ride to really have fun on the trail.

Option 2: Surf Lessons at Cerritos Beach 9am - 12pm. Switching it up you will have one of Mexico's surf champions as your coach for the morning; whether your goal is to stand up for the first time or take your surfing to the next level our coaches will give you the instruction you need to have fun in the waves. Spend the morning learning the ropes, enjoy lunch on the beach and take the afternoon to practice and relax on the beach, that part is up to YOU!

Option 3: Beach day with morning yoga and massage plus beach chairs and everything you need.

Your Instructor

Natasha Lockey

Natasha Lockey

Natasha is a PMBIA level 2 coach with a passion for mountain biking and a knack for instilling confidence in others. For the past 17 years, she has been coaching and guiding, both on snowboards and mountain bikes, and loved every minute of it. She has created the Bike Confidence Mastery Course and the Map Your Trail Bike Course to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

Natasha's coaching experience isn't just limited to the trails; she has also built a team of returning customers who can vouch for her teaching skills and the transformative power of her courses. When she is not on a bike or a board, she is usually curled up with a fantasy book or enjoying a lazy day in her camper.

Natasha is a firm believer that life should be fun, and tries to incorporate that philosophy into everything she does, whether it's riding an e-bike or an acoustic bike, or doing exercises to support her active lifestyle. She is fit and strong, thanks to a healthy diet and a love for biking and surfing. Not your typical coach; Natasha lives out of the box, splitting her time between Mexico and BC, Canada. But that's what makes her unique and, we believe, a great fit for anyone looking to learn, grow, and have fun in the process.

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