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Rossland Pro-D 1 Day Advanced Rippers (7-13) Camp




1 day

Course Details

This program is designed to elevate the skills of your intermediate to advanced youth rider to the next level. We'll focus on mastering more advanced riding techniques to confidently tackle challenging blue and black features, including roll downs, ladder bridges, and technical trails. You'll gain better control of speed and precision braking through demanding terrain. Our team of experienced Level 1 & 2 PMBIA certified coaches will be there every step of the way, providing expert instruction to enhance your riding abilities.

Is this level right for you? If you're a strong rider on all blue technical trails, able to maintain momentum through rock and rooted sections, this program is tailored for your continued progress. During the course, we will work on refining techniques to confidently handle harder blue and some black features. Riding at a moderate, safe speed while maintaining momentum should be part of your skill set.

Additionally, we'll be focusing on honing more advanced techniques like rear-wheel lifts, precise bunny hops, skilled track stands, and confidently handling small jumps and drops using proper technique. If this aligns with your current riding ability, join us for an exhilarating experience of conquering more challenging features and elevating your mountain biking expertise. Count on our successful track record since 2007 in Kootenay mountain biking to provide a top-notch learning experience.

If you’re not sure on your child’s ability level, check out our levels HERE.

May 17, 2024

Level 3-4, Ages 7-12yrs

9am - 4pm

$114 + gst

About KMB:

With over 15 years of experience, Kootenay Mountain Biking has honed a camp structure that's truly exceptional. Our seasoned team has fine-tuned every aspect to provide a balanced and enriching experience for young riders. We've combined a variety of self propelled riding and shuttle assistance, all seamlessly integrated with skill development sessions.

This carefully crafted formula ensures that bikers not only stay safe but get to ride a variety of trails while learning and having a blast. Our years of experience have allowed us to strike the perfect balance between pushing limits and maintaining a safe environment. The result? Young riders have more fun than they could ever imagine on two wheels while making strides in their mountain biking journey. Join us, and let your child experience the benefits of our time-tested approach to mountain biking excellence!

Your Instructor

Shannon Martin

Shannon Martin

Originally from Western Australia, Shannon spent his teenage years on a BMX building jumps through nothing but trial and error (i.e a lot of crashes). After almost 15 years off the bike he finally rented a full suspension mountain bike at Kicking Horse in 2013 and fell back in love with 2 wheels. Living in Banff and Japan made serious mountain biking tough, but the last few years living in Rossland, along with an upgrade to a modern bike, have him craving for more speed and bigger air. Shannon is a professional photographer and videographer and also works Ski Patrol at RED in the winter. In the summer when not working you can probably find him digging at the Rossland dirtjumps (just like when he was a kid).

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