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SPRING One Day Wheelie Workshop






2 hours

Course Details

June 18th, 2024


2 hours $65

All Levels


Location: Rossland

Ever feel like you're missing out on a whole different way to experience trails? Interested in adding skills to your mountain biking that are not just fun, but also open up new possibilities for navigating tricky terrains? Our workshop is designed to teach you techniques like Wheelies, Nose Pivots, Manuals, Bunny Hops, and Drops. These skills go beyond the basics, offering you new ways to approach and enjoy sections of the trail you never thought possible.

When you sign up, you're investing in a richer, more versatile riding experience. Our PMBIA-certified coaches, with the backing of Kootenay Mountain Biking's industry experience since 2007, provide a tailored learning approach. Through a mix of on-trail and off-trail practice sessions, you'll receive hands-on coaching and actionable feedback.

The outcome? You'll not only navigate trails with a newfound efficiency but also tackle technical sections with a fresh set of skills, making each ride more enjoyable and engaging. Whether you're looking to diversify your trail experience or simply make your rides more fun, this workshop is your gateway to a new level of mountain biking. Join us and discover new dimensions in your riding experience.

Your Instructor

Pete Burkitt

Pete Burkitt

Allow us to introduce Pete, a UK native with a strong background in Outdoor Education, who has dedicated nearly a decade to teaching mountain biking. With his PMBI Level 4 certification and PMBI Instructor Trainer designation, coupled with his expertise as a Bike Technician, Pete possesses a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience working with riders of all ages and skill levels, as well as their bikes. He is fuelled by a deep enthusiasm for the sport and is eager to impart his passion and knowledge. Join Pete take your mountain biking to the next level.

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