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Life Changing Pedals

My good friend James Wilson - has developed a New Pedal Design. After years of foloowing the same pattern finally someone thought out of the box. Check out his pedals here.

Instead of just going lighter, thinner and different pegs James has gone bigger!

I was intrigued when I first saw what he was up to and I decided I needed to try a pair. Anxiously we awaited their arrival and finally they were here and on the bike they went.

Moments later my husband rode round the corner exclaiming - 'I knew I was doing this right!' Ian is a Standing Paraplegic and is the guy that rides around on his heals cos he has no muscles in his lower legs. (

The pedals quickly rendered all our other bikes as useless (as I don't want to ride regular pedals ever again). My collection of pedals has gone up for sale and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next shipment. I got a few extra for you to try out - give me a call and we can make that happen!!

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