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SPRING Men's Bike & Brew Rider Development




4 Weeks

Course Details

Ready to amp up your trail rides and make some new riding buddies along the way? Our four-week Advanced Riding Techniques Clinic is designed for intermediate to advanced riders like you, who want to push their skills while having a blast with like-minded bikers.

What You'll Learn:

  • Skill Boosters: Get hands-on coaching in optimal positioning and braking to ride smoother and faster.

  • Trail Mastery: Learn maneuvers like wheelies, manuals, and bunny hops that will help you tackle challenging terrains with confidence.

Why Join Us:

  • Boost Your Speed & Confidence: Each week builds on the last, giving you the skills to ride steeper lines and navigate corners with more speed and confidence.

  • Social Perks: Finish off each session with a beer on us, because mountain biking is as much about community as it is about the ride.

How It Works:

  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from Level 2 PMBIA coaches backed by Kootenay Mountain Biking's years of experience since 2007.

  • Real-Time Feedback: Get immediate, personalized feedback to help you integrate new skills into your riding, fast.

The Outcome:

You'll leave the clinic not just a better rider, but also with new friends to hit the trails with. You'll ride with more confidence, tackle challenges you used to shy away from, and most importantly, you'll have a ton of fun doing it.

Don't just ride, thrive. Join our Bike & Brew Riding Techniques Clinic and make the most of your time on the trails. Sign up now!

Thursday's 5:30pm-7:30pm

May 23, 30, June 6, 13 2024

4 weeks - 2 hour sessions $239*

*includes an after ride beverage

Designed for Intermediate to Advanced riders

Location: Rossland

Your Instructor

Zac Job

Zac Job

Zac has been a bike nerd for over 23 years. Growing up on the west coast, he spent his time on the trails where freeride originated. Since moving his family to Rossland in 2019, he's taken up a long time goal of sharing his riding passion through coaching. When Zac's not riding his bike you'll probably find him tinkering on his suspension in his basement or talking someone's ear off about bike setup.

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