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Rossland Pro-D 1 Day Beginner Rippers




1 Day

Course Details

Join our 1-day camp for young riders ready to step up their biking game. Our experienced coaches will help them nail down the basics: braking, balance, and how to position their bodies right. We'll hit local trails like Centennial, Drifter, and Louie Joe, giving them a mix of challenges to tackle.

But it's not all serious stuff. We've got fun games and activities lined up that'll boost their skills and confidence. And when we're not riding, we might dive into some bike mechanics or kick back with an inside bike activity.

This camp is for kids who are good on 2-wheel bikes, especially those with at least a 20" wheel size. They should know how to use hand brakes (no coaster brakes, please). Every day, we'll climb and zoom down trails, giving them a real feel for mountain biking.

So, if you want your kid to learn, have fun, and get a taste of mountain biking adventure, our camp is the place to be!

Need a bike? Ask us about our youth bike rental program.

If you’re not sure on your child’s ability level, check out our levels HERE

Friday May 17, 2024

Level 1, Ages 5-12yrs

9am - 4pm

$114 + gst

About KMB:

With over 15 years of experience, Kootenay Mountain Biking has honed a camp structure that's truly exceptional. Our seasoned team has fine-tuned every aspect to provide a balanced and enriching experience for young riders. We've combined a variety of self propelled riding and shuttle assistance, all seamlessly integrated with skill development sessions.

This carefully crafted formula ensures that bikers not only stay safe but get to ride a variety of trails while learning and having a blast. Our years of experience have allowed us to strike the perfect balance between pushing limits and maintaining a safe environment. The result? Young riders have more fun than they could ever imagine on two wheels while making strides in their mountain biking journey. Join us, and let your child experience the benefits of our time-tested approach to mountain biking excellence!

Your Instructor

Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Meet Chris Williams, a passionate bike enthusiast who developed his love for cycling as a young child in the UK. From his early years, Chris found joy in constructing unique bikes by welding various parts together and creating dirt jumps in nearby fields. Riding on two wheels has always represented the epitome of freedom for Chris, whether he's exploring local trails or embarking on a trans-Canada journey to support BC Children's Hospital. There's no place Chris would rather be than on his bike, and he takes immense pleasure in sharing his enthusiasm for cycling, helping others build confidence and cultivate an appreciation for the exhilarating experience of off-road adventures. Let's celebrate the incredible world of bikes with Chris!

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