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Nelson Advanced Guys Session






3 hours

About the Course

Designed for experienced mountain bikers aiming to refine their skills comprehensively.

Learn advanced techniques for positioning, braking, and pressure control to navigate steep lines more swiftly, handle rocky sections with ease, take corners more efficiently, and identify optimal trail routes. Additionally, you'll delve into executing maneuvers, jumps, and drops, enabling you to confidently apply these skills across challenging terrains and new environments.

Join us to boost your riding confidence, allowing you to tackle any trail with ease and have more fun on every ride.

Receive coaching from a PMBIA level 3 coach and level 1 course conductor. Benefit from in-depth analysis and constructive feedback on your riding, discover new techniques, and get ample opportunities to solidify your skills by exchanging knowledge in various environments.

Your Instructor

Pete Burkitt

Pete Burkitt

Pete, a native of the UK and a background in Outdoor Education, has been teaching mountain biking for almost a decade. With a PMBI Level 3 certification and PMBI Instructor Trainer designation, and a Bike Technician, he has extensive experience working with both young and seasoned riders and their bikes. He is eager to pass on his passion for the sport while exploring the trails together.

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