Got an EBike? Want to have all the fun you can have on it? 

Let us show you how to get the most out of your ebike ride. 



Having fun on bikes. Learning new skills, getting rid of old habits and tweaking it all so you can go faster, crash less and fly higher!

Oh and drinking beer at the Shovel afterwards! 


If you are looking to fine-tune your biking skills, find better lines, and have more fun on your bike our Men's clinics are for you. 

These clinics are designed for the guys that have been riding for a few years or many years, and know their way around a bike trail but have never had any formal instruction.


Our clinics will replace those habits that have been holding you back and threatening to throw you over the bars, stealing your speed and making you hesitate before dropping in. With the skills that will have you feeling balanced, rolling with the right momentum, picking your line not taking the one you are given, and finding the elusive FLOW on every ride. 

Whether you are on a pedal bike or loving the power of the E-Bike we have a program for you! 


BIKE + BREW SERIES  - 4 week series or Drop In


includes beer at the Shovel

E- Bike 4 Week Series 


(prices in Canadian dollars, and do not include GST)