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Ladies Milky Way Clinic - Intermediate




2 Hours

About the Course

Ready to really ride the Milky Way trail with confidence and style? Our clinic is tailored for intermediate riders ready to embrace the full experience of this diverse trail. It's about turning challenges into triumphs and fully enjoying every twist and turn.

On Milky Way, every feature is an opportunity to grow. You'll learn to approach rock rolls with the right mindset and technique, transforming hesitation into smooth, confident riding. We'll help you time your jumps perfectly, making them feel like a natural, exhilarating part of the trail. And when it comes to steep, chunky sections and managing roots, you'll gain the skills to navigate them with ease and assurance.

Our experienced coaches have been guiding riders since 2007 to find their flow and corner with precision. This clinic isn't just about tackling individual features; it's about weaving them together into a seamless, fun ride. You'll leave not only with improved skills but also with a deeper understanding of line choice and how to maintain momentum and control.

Join us on Milky Way and elevate your riding experience. It's more than just conquering a trail; it's about experiencing a whole new level of riding, opening doors to trails and adventures you've only dreamed of.

Wednesday June 5th, 2024

5:30pm - 7:30pm

1 x 2hr session, $39 + gst

WHO - Intermediate Ladies

Location: Rossland

Shuttle NOT included

Your Instructor

Natasha Lockey

Natasha Lockey

Natasha is a PMBIA level 2 coach with a passion for mountain biking and a knack for instilling confidence in others. For the past 17 years, she has been coaching and guiding, both on snowboards and mountain bikes, and loved every minute of it. She has created the Bike Confidence Mastery Course and the Map Your Trail Bike Course to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

Natasha's coaching experience isn't just limited to the trails; she has also built a team of returning customers who can vouch for her teaching skills and the transformative power of her courses. When she is not on a bike or a board, she is usually curled up with a fantasy book or enjoying a lazy day in her camper.

Natasha is a firm believer that life should be fun, and tries to incorporate that philosophy into everything she does, whether it's riding an e-bike or an acoustic bike, or doing exercises to support her active lifestyle. She is fit and strong, thanks to a healthy diet and a love for biking and surfing. Not your typical coach; Natasha lives out of the box, splitting her time between Mexico and BC, Canada. But that's what makes her unique and, we believe, a great fit for anyone looking to learn, grow, and have fun in the process.

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