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Rossland Freeride Fall Lvl 5, 9-15 yrs




4 Weeks

About the Course

This Fall, we are excited to offer this program specifically tailored for the youth riders who have truly stepped up their game during the summer and are eager to solidify those newfound skills. This is the perfect opportunity for them to conclude the season on a high note, gaining a clear understanding of their capabilities and setting the stage for their progression in the coming year. Our aim is to equip them with essential skills that will elevate their current level, empowering them to continue advancing in their biking journey.

If your youth rider is determined to take their biking to the next level and has a relentless drive to push their boundaries, then this program is custom-made for them. With the guidance of our Level 3 PMBIA coach, Pete Burkitt, they will receive top-notch coaching to refine their techniques and master new challenges, setting a strong foundation for their biking career.

Throughout the four-week duration, they will engage in a comprehensive learning experience, honing their abilities in a controlled environment with our MTB Hopper stunts and jumps, and taking on real trails to conquer varied terrains. As they learn to identify the best lines, maintain consistent speed, and gain control during jumps, their confidence and competence will soar.

By the end of this program, your youth rider will possess the skills and self-assurance needed to conquer single and some double black trails with ease. Moreover, they will be primed for continuous growth, ensuring they keep progressing and thriving in their biking pursuits. This is an unparalleled opportunity for young riders to solidify their achievements, challenge themselves further, and embark on an exciting journey of biking excellence.

4 weeks, every Tuesday

Date: September 12th to October 3rd, 2023

3pm - 5pm

$242 + gst (includes a shuttle)

Location: Rossland

Your Instructor

Pete Burkitt

Pete Burkitt

Pete Burkitt is a Level 3 PMBIA instructor and Level 1 course conductor. He is most at home riding the challenging fast lines, sending it on the big jumps and was on the podium for every race in the Five Friday race series at Red Mountain last season. Want to take your riding to the next level? This is the guy to ride with.

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